2014/15 Gordon W S Davie

Gordon Davie was initiated into the Chelsfield Lodge No 6405 Province of West Kent in 1964, celebrating 50 years in the Craft in October 2005, became Worshipful Master Chelsfield Lodge No 6405 (1964) and Master of the following Lodges: Lodge of Regularity No.91 (1988), West Kent Masters Lodge No 5778 ( 1998) a Founder and Past Master of the Good Neighbour Lodge No.83789 (1984), Helios Lodge No.8311.( 1987), West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No. 8565 (1976), Fiennes Cornwallis Lodge No 9279 (2000), West Kent Lodge of Charity No.9610 (1999) and Lodge of St Julian No.5076.

Appointed Provincial Grand Steward (Province of Kent ) in 1969, Provincial Deputy GDC 1973 (Province of West Kent), Provincial DC 1977 until 1978 (Province of West Kent), Assistant Provincial Grand Master 1988 – 1993 (Province of West Kent) and appointed Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies 1978, promoted PSGD 1988. Nominated Grand Steward by the Lodge of Regularity 1988. Secretary to the Board of Grand Stewards 1988.

Cornwallis Lecturer 2004 with lecture entitled “Ritual do we need it?” Prestonian Lecturer 2005 with lecture entitled “Women and Freemasonry”. Lectured in the District of Bombay & Northern India, District of Cyprus, District of Barbados Eastern Caribbean, District North Island of New Zealand, South Island of New Zealand and the District Grand Lodge of Guyana and in the USA.


2013/14 E. John T. Acaster Immediate Past Master

Of Yorkshire blood but Lancastrian birth, Bro. Acaster was educated at Manchester Grammar School and Haberdashers’ Aske’s, Hampstead. He entered Williams’ Deacon’s Bank, Pall Mall, in 1959 and spent his main career in banking in London and Manchester until taking early retirement in 1990. During that time he served on the editorial committee of the Three Banks Review (later The Royal Bank of Scotland Review) and wrote many articles on the history of banking. Thereafter he undertook school inspection as a lay inspector on behalf of Ofsted. Elected chairman of the Association of Lay Inspectors he had the privilege of giving evidence before the Select Committee of the House of Commons.

Masonically, he was initiated into Clapton Lodge No. 1365 in 1970 and exalted in Clapton Chapter in 1972. Moving to Manchester he became a Founder of Maccabee Lodge No. 8947 in 1980 and Master in 1986-87. Similarly he became a Founder of Robert Burns Chapter No. 999 in 1991 and First Principal in 1997. As a keen student and lecturer he was elected Master of the Manchester Lodge for Masonic Research No. 5502 in 2002. In 2006 he served as Provincial Senior Warden of East Lancashire, and was elected into Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 in 2007.

Among other Masonic connections, Bro. Acaster is a past MWS of Salford Rose Croix Chapter No. 428, a past Supreme Ruler of Robert Burns OSM No. 328, and a member of Manchester Engineers’ Lodge of MMM No. 1059. He provided various talks for the former Cornerstone Society, and has delivered papers at the biennial meetings of the International Conference on the History of Freemasonry (‘ICHF’). He writes regularly in The Square, and is usually active in the annual ‘Let’s Talk Masonry’ day at Salford. He has also taken part in Masonic conferences abroad.

In civil life he has served as deputy chairman of the substantial Henshaw’s Society for Blind People in Old Trafford, and as a Distributor for the Booths’ Charities in Salford. He was senior churchwarden of Manchester Cathedral 1995-2001, and continues as a member of the Cathedral Council. He once served in the salt-mines for four years as a parish councillor locally. He continues to take an active role in the venerable Manchester Statistical Society of which he was 93rd President in 2007-09. He married in 1965, to Lynne, whose uncle, a keen Grand Officer, thought Bro. Acaster was ‘just the man’ to join Freemasonry. He (not she) has a lot to answer for! Lynne and John have two children and two grandchildren, and a large garden which they enjoy tending.

(Text from 2013 Installation entry)


2012/13 Robert L. D. Cooper, FRSA, BA, FSA Scot

From 1994 Bro Cooper has held the post of Curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, which capacity has given him that unique access, which no other Masonic historian has, to some of the oldest documents and artefacts in the Masonic world, such as the Minute Books of Lodge Aitcheson's Haven which commences on 9 January 1599. As a result, his books are full of authoritatively researched material not as easily accessed by other authors. Books he has either written or been involved in are:

Bro Cooper has an abiding interest in all matters relating to Freemasonry prior to the Grand Lodge era and particularly in manuscript rituals (including pseudo-Masonic rituals from the 17th century).

Not only has he been published extensively on Masonic matters but has appeared on television and participated in radio programs around the world on the subject of Freemasonry in his capacity as Curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. He travels extensively which allows him to indulge in his other love: landscape photography.

Initiated in The Lodge of Light No. 1656 (S.C.) in 1984 and a founder member of Lodge Edinburgh Castle No. 1764 and Master thereof in 1998 and of Lodge Sir Robert Moray No. 1641 (Edinburgh, and a Lodge of Research) from 2009 to 2011. Being Installed as Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, No. 2076 was the most recent highlight of his Masonic career. Of Quatuor Coronati Lodge he states: ‘No other institution within Freemasonry can compete with this Lodge in terms of the range and depth of Masonic Research it has produced since its annual Transactions (AQC) were first published in 1888’.

Orders beyond the Craft in which he is active are:

He is also a Free Gardener and a Hammerman as well as being a member of several non-Masonic esoteric societies.

He lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has been happily married to Yvonne since 1973 and they have one son.


2011/12 Antony R. Baker

Was born in Welshpool, Powys in 1953, and educated at Shrewsbury School, Cambridge University, and St. Thomas’ Hospital. After training in Leicester, where he gained an MD, he moved to Bristol where he practises as a consultant vascular and general surgeon.

He was initiated in Powis Lodge, No. 7355 in Welshpool in 1984 and was exalted in Welchpool Chapter (No. 998) in 1986. He was WM of The St. Vincent Lodge No. 1404 in Bristol in 1999, and First Principal of Jerusalem Chapter again in Bristol in 2004. He loves the Bristol Ritual in both the Craft and the Royal Arch. He served as PrGChap in 2005, and as PrSGW in 2008 and is currently Provincial Grand Orator and Mentor in Bristol. He was also honoured with the rank of PAGDC in 2011.

He has also occupied the following Chairs: WM of Goodwin Mark Lodge, No. 1563 (2002); EP of King Richard I Preceptory Knights Templar, No. 341 (2003); MWS of Sympathy & Grace Rose Croix Chapter, No. 947 (2005) and TIM of The Wessex Council of Royal and Select Masters, No. 41 (2006); MPS of Rose and Lily Conclave of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine, No. 387 (2007); WM of the Installed Mark Masters Lodge, No. 171 (2009); Commander of Dunckerley Royal Ark Mariners Lodge, No. 630 (2009); SR of St. Hugh Conclave Order of the Secret Monitor, No. 115 (2010). He is also a member of: the Allied Masonic Degrees; Knights Templar Priests; the Operatives; and SRIA. In the Royal Order of Scotland, he was Founding PrSGW of the Province of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire and was promoted to Substitute Provincial Grand Master in 2009.

He is a member of the Lodge of Living Stones (No. 4957 in the Province of Yorkshire West Riding) which was founded by W.L. Wilmshurst. He is also a member of The Masonic Study Society, which was founded by J.S.M. Ward and meets in London. His main interest is in the interpretation of what the masonic ceremonies might mean, what they might be trying to tell us, rather than the history of the origins and administration of Freemasonry. Nonetheless, he was elected a member of Quatuor Coronati Lodge (No. 2076) in 2006. He was President of the Bristol Masonic Society for two years, 2004-6, during which time he began the publication of Annual Transactions.


2010/11 Thomas Vallance Webb

Thomas Vallance Webb (1926-2014) (‘Tom’) was born in England but taken as a child to Cape Town, South Africa, where he received his education and qualified as an accountant. As a young man he was at various times involved in mountaineering, rally driving and camping which developed a yen for travel, mostly to unusual areas of the world. He was for some ten years involved in commerce and industry before returning to practise his profession.

Tom was initiated in Rondebosch Lodge, No. 3141, Cape Town, in 1957. Once through the Master’s chair he was quickly appointed as District Grand Registrar for the District of South Africa (Western Division) and then from 1980 to 1994 was Assistant District Grand Master. Since then he has been a member of the District Board of General Purposes, and is now the President of the District Board of Benevolence. First appointed to Grand Rank as PAGDC in 1983, he was promoted to PJGD in 1984 and to PSGD in 2003. He also holds Grand Rank in the Royal Arch and a number of other orders. For some 15 years he has served as the local secretary of Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle, and in 2002 he was elected as a full joining member of Quatuor Coronati Lodge itself. During his Mastership, he organised for the Lodge to hold its first overseas meeting in the District of South Africa, Western Division.


2009/10 John Stephen Wade

Bro. Dr John Stephen Wade was born in Edinburgh in 1947, educated at High Storrs Grammar School, Sheffield and the University of Durham where he read Classics. He finished his full time career at the University of Sheffield with an MA degree and as Teaching Fellow in Latin and Greek. In 2005 he took early retirement and he continues today to teach Latin to postgraduate students at the University. In 2009 he successfully completed his doctorate, with a thesis on the Latin writings of the Tudor martyrologist John Foxe.

Bro. Wade was initiated in Fellowship Lodge No. 4069 in 1981 and served as Master in 1991. He was exalted into Fellowship Royal Arch Chapter No. 4069. in 1985. He was also the founding Master of Amadeus Lodge No 9539, in 1994. He is a Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden in both Yorkshire, West Riding, and Derbyshire, and a Past Provincial Grand Sojourner in the Royal Arch. From 2003-2005 he was President of the Sheffield Masonic Study Circle. In 2005 he was elected a full member of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, appointed Secretary a year later and served as Master of this premier Lodge of Masonic Research in 2009-10, the year during which he was honoured by being nominated Prestonian Lecturer for 2009. Bro. Wade is an active member of lodges in Scotland, Ireland, Italy and the United States. He is also the musical director of the Sheffield and District Masonic Choir which he founded in 1991.

Bro Wade was appointed Prestonian Lecturer for 2009 with his paper 'Go and do thou likewise: English Masonic Processions from the 18th to the 20th Centuries'

(text edited from the summons of November 2009)


2008/9 Peter Hamilton Currie

Bro. Peter Currie was the editor of Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, the transactions of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, for nine years until 2009 and indexer since 1993. He has published several articles on Craft Freemasonry of which Two Masonic Arks won the Norman B. Spencer Prize in 1998. He is also the author of The History of the Royal Naval & Military Chapter No. 2404 and edited Stability Ritual (1992).

In the field of book production Bro. Currie has edited, typeset and designed many well-known volumes. including: Tracing Boards: their Development and their Designers, Haunch, T.O. (QCCC Ltd., 2004), Royal Arch Masons & Knight Templar at Redruth, Cornwall, 1791-1828, Mandelberg & Davies (QCCC Ltd, 2005); etc. Until 2010, Bro. Currie was the webmaster of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge website. He is presently engaged in updating and reproducing Knoop, Jones & Hamer’s three seminal works on Freemasonry - Early Masonic Catechisms, Early Masonic Pamphlets and The Genesis of Freemasonry. He is also, at the behest of the Grand Secretary of the UGLE, updating and compiling The Masonic Yearbook Historical Supplement.

Bro. Currie was initiated into Freemasonry in the Hundred of Axstane Lodge No. 7722 in the Province of West Kent and was its Master in 1991/2. He is also a Past Master of the Queen's College Taunton Lodge No. 6988, in Somerset and a Past Z of the Royal Naval and Military Chapter No. 2404 in E. Kent. He is a member of many other Masonic Institutions outside the English Constitution and he was Secretary to the Stability Ritual Association for fourteen years.

(text abstracted from the summons of November 2008)


2007/8 S. Brent Morris

Bro. S. Brent Morris is the Managing Editor of the Scottish Rite Journal of the Supreme Council 33°, Southern Jurisdiction, USA. He retired as a mathematician from the US federal government with 25 years' service, having also taught at Duke, Johns Hopkins, and George Washington Universities and given invited lectures at over 100 universities. He was initiated in Highland Park (now Louis G. Priester) Lodge No. 1150 in Dallas, Texas in 1971. In 1979 and 2000 he served as Master of Patmos Lodge No. 70 of Ellicott City, Maryland, and in 1980 he was the Grand Director of Ceremonies of the Grand Lodge of Maryland. He is High Priest (First Principal) of Zeredathah Royal Arch Chapter No. 35, Laurel, Maryland, and a member of many other Masonic orders. His real love in Freemasonry is research and writing as witnessed by the many articles and twelve Masonic books he has written or edited. He was the founder of the Scottish Rite Research Society in 1991 and the editor of Heredom its transactions, for the first fourteen volumes.

(text from the summons of November 2007)


2006/7 David Peabody

Bro. David Peabody was initiated in Iceni Lodge No. 6066, (Essex) in 1980 and was WM in 1989. He was appointed Provincial Grand Steward in 1989 and promoted to Provincial Senior Grand Deacon in 1993. In 2000 he became a Grand Officer as Past Grand Standard Bearer. He has been active in many other Masonic Orders. In Masonic research he is chiefly concerned with the 18th and 19th centuries. He has photographed His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent and His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent and also the heads of many other Orders. His main concern is the conservation of the photographic image, the careers of the subjects and their photographers, also bringing Masonic research into the 21st century with the aid of new technology.

David is married to Sylvia and has two daughters. He is a professional photographer and a former Licentiate of both the Master Photographers Association and the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

(text from the summons of November 2006)


2005/6 Jacques Litvine

Born in 1928, Bro. Jacques Litvine studied medicine at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and was appointed to the surgical staff of the University Hospital Saint Pierre. He later became Head of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Brussels hospital of the Parc Leopold. He is the author of several medical papers.

Father of two, he was initiated in 1958, in the Lodge Promethée of the Grand Orient of Belgium and joined the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium, where he became Grand Librarian - Archivist, and a Founder of the Acta Macionica Lodge of Research. He was honoured with the title Worshipful Master for life of his Lodge, La Parfaite Amitié, No. 11. In 1992 he retired and left Belgium to live in France, he joined the GLNF and is a founder and the first Master of the Lodge, La Paix et La Candeur, in Sarlat, Grand Orator of Aquitaine, Past National Grand St Bearer, and is currently Provincial Grand Senior Warden of the Limousin Périgord Province.

Formerly 32° AASR, CBCS, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta and the Cryptic Degree, he resigned these degrees, with the exception of the Royal Arch and the Mark where he is Grand National Junior Warden of Honour.

(text from the summons of November 2005)


2004/5 C. John Mandleberg

John Mandleberg (1922-2012), educated at Harrow and New College, Oxford, was initiated in Apollo University Lodge, No. 357 in 1942 before being commissioned in the Royal Artillery, being demobilized with the rank of Captain. He returned to Oxford to take an Honours Degree before proceeding to that of Bachelor of Science, after which he worked for four years at the A.E.R.E, Harwell. He then had a succession of managerial posts, and eventually retired as Chairman of a Company of which he had earlier been Managing Director.

Married now for 59 years, with a son, daughter, and numerous grandchildren, he has, like Emra Holmes, devoted too much time to Freemasonry, and in particular to its history. He has occupied the Chair of Middlesex Lodge No. 143 on three occasions, and is currently SW of Lodge of Antiquity No.2. Appointed PAGDC in 1975, and a V.W. Bro. as PGDSwd B, he is now a Grand Officer or its equivalent in ten Orders outside the Craft, including SGIG 33° in the Ancient and Accepted Rite, Knight Commander of the Temple in the United Orders and Past Deputy Grand Master in the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters, as well as a Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden in the Province of Septimanie under the GLNF. Outside the Craft, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and a Fellow Emeritus of the Scottish Business Education Council.

(text from the summons of November 2004)


2003/4 Jim Daniel

Jim Daniel was appointed Deputy Grand Secretary of the UGLE in April 1998 and then served as Grand Secretary from 1st June 1998 to 28th February 2001 when, in his 60th year, he retired from fulltime employment and returned to his native Cornwall. He had been the Grand Secretary General of the Supreme Council 33° from 1989 to 1998, having re­signed from the British Council after 25 years' service, spent mostly overseas. He is an honor­ary member of the North American Conference of Grand Secretaries, a Past Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, a Past Senior Grand Warden of the Grande Loge Nationale Française and a member of the Texas Lodge of Research.

Since retiring Jim Daniel has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the University of Sheffield for his thesis The 4th Earl of Carnarvon (1831-90) and Freemasonry in the British Empire, and has had a collection of his papers, Masonic Networks and Connections, published in Australia by the ANZMRC (to coincide with his ANZMRC lectureship in 2007) and in England by the Library and Museum of Freemasonry (ISBN 0 9578256 4 1).

He became the interim Secretary of QC Lodge in November 2009, and his other active Masonic offices include Substitute Grand Master of the Royal Order of Scotland and Chief Steward of his mother lodge, Apollo University Lodge, No. 357, Oxford.


2002/3 Douglas Burford

Bro. Douglas William Burford was initiated into Freemasonry in April 1944 and became Master of his Mother Lodge in 1952 and served as its Secretary for twenty-one years before returning to the Master's Chair for the 50th Anniversary of the Lodge. In 1960 he was appointed as Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works for the Province of Surrey followed by promotion to Junior Grand Warden in 1971. In Grand Lodge his first appointment was to AsstGSuptWks in 1978 followed in 1986 by promotion to DepGSuptWks and thence to Grand Superintendent of Works from 1987-1992. In 1993 he was promoted to Past Junior Grand Warden. He also held the following appointments from 1987-92: exofficio member of the Board of General Purposes, the Finance Committee, the Real Property Investment Committee and the Premises Committee. A founder of four Craft lodges and a joining member of several more, Bro. Burford holds Grand Rank in both the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner degrees and is an honorary member of many lodges and chapters throughout the English Constitution. In the Royal Arch he holds the rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer and was appointed as the Batham Royal Arch Lecturer from 1993-96.

(text from the summons of November 2002)

Bro Burford was appointed Batham Lecturer for 1993 with his paper: 'The Anomolies of the Royal Arch - Craft Connection'.


2001/2 A. Trevor Stewart

Brother Stewart, apart from being a Past Master of the two Craft lodges and a PZ of a Chapter under the United Grand Lodge of England, has been very active in Scottish and some European Constitutions as well. He is well recognized as a Masonic author, having contributed papers not only in England and Scotland but also in Europe. He continues to have an interest in the study of “esotery”.

(text from the summons of November 2001)

Bro Stewart was appointed Prestonian Lecturer for 2004 with his paper: 'English Speculative Freemasonry: Origins Themes and Developments'.


2000/1 Roeinton B. Khambatta OSM

Bro. Khambatta was initiated into Lodge Zoaraster, No. 800, in the Scottish Constitution. Joined his father's and grandfather's lodge, Lodge Faith No. 2468 under the United Grand Lodge of England. Held office as District Grand Director of Ceremonies, Senior Warden, and Deputy District Grand Master before being appointed District Grand Master and Grand Superintendent in the District Grand Lodge of Pakistan from 1970-76. Also served as Provincial Senior Grand Warden in Hertfordshire and holds rank as Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden in both Worcestershire and Suffolk.

Active in the Mark Degree, he was appointed as Provincial Grand Master of London. Holds Grand Rank in the Royal Ark Mariner Degree and has held office as Grand Counsellor in the Order of the Secret Monitor and as Senior Grand Warden in the Allied Masonic Degrees. He was the President of the Board of Grand Stewards in 1988-89.

He has delivered many Masonic papers amongst which have been The History of the District Grand Lodge of the Punjab given in Q.C. Lodge in May 1990 and The Prince of Wales, Grand Master (1874-1901).

In non-Masonic life Dr Khambatta has practiced as a Consultant Cardiologist.

(text from the summons of November 2000)

Bro Khambatta was appointed Prestonian Lecturer for 2007 with his paper: 'The Grand Secretaries 1813-1980'.

In 2012, Bro Khambatta was honoured by being awarded the Order of Service to Masonry, being the highest honour the Grand Master can confer on any member of the Craft. Instituted in 1945, it is in the personal gift of the Grand Master, and is an acknowledgment of exceptional services to the Craft. The Order is limited to 12 holders, confers no precedence on them, but entitles them to the post-nominal letters OSM, preceding the initials of any other Masonic rank they may hold.


1999/2000 Dirk van Peype (1928-2000)

Born in Leiden in 1928, Dirk van Peype was educated at Leiden University where he received a degree in sociology, joining the staff of the Institute of Sociology of the University specialized in the field of sociological theory and deviant behaviour. From 1965-72 he worked in a social research section of the Ministry of Social Welfare, but afterwards returned to academic life, where he worked until his early retirement in 1988. He is author and co-author of several books on sociological subjects.

He was made a Mason in 1950, when he was still 21 years of age, and was exalted into the Royal Arch in 1954. He has been active in the Netherlands Foundation for Masonic Research (Lodges of Research do not exist under the Dutch Constitution), where he is one of the editors of the bi­monthly journal Thoth. Over the years he wrote innumerable articles in Thoth. He is author of a vademecum, an instructive book, on the Royal Arch, and is co-author of three other books on the Craft.

In the Dutch Grand Chapter he is the Pro First Grand Principal, a member of the Supreme Council 33°, and a member and a senior Grand Officer in a number of other Masonic Orders. Dirk van Peype was elected to full membership of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge in 1989. He is married and the father of two sons.

(text from the summons of November 1999)


1998/9 Aubrey N Newman

Brother Aubrey Newman was born in 1927 and educated in London, Glasgow and Oxford obtaining an MA from Glasgow, a BA, MA and DPhil from Oxford. National Service in the RAF Education branch in Germany was followed by marriage in 1954 which produced four children and latterly five grandchildren. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Past President of the Jewish Historical Society of England. His working life in academia brought appointments as a Lecturer in History followed by a Readership and a personal chair in History.

Initiated into the John o' Gaunt Lodge, No. 4054 in 1967, becoming its Master in 1981. In the Province of Leicester & Rutland he was honoured with the rank of Past Junior Grand Warden and, since 2004, now holds the Grand Rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. He is active in Mark and Royal Arch. His many years in Leicester as Secretary of the Lodge of Research No. 2429 was followed by Mastership in 1998.

(edited text from the summons of November 1998)

Bro Newman was appointed Prestonian Lecturer for 2003 with his paper: 'The Contribution of the Provinces to the Development of English Freemasonry'.


1997/8 Yasha Beresiner

Brother Yasha Beresiner feels that he epitomizes Masonry Universal. Born in Turkey from Russian and Greek parentage, he has dual citizenship, British and Israeli. The main benefit is that he is a polyglot. As a result he is active in regular Freemasonry in Italy, Israel and Belgium.

Although a law graduate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, his current vocation with paper antiquities makes the subject of his inaugural address an ideal theme within the compass of his non-Masonic interests.

(text from the summons of November 1997)

Bro Beresiner was appointed Batham Lecturer for 2000 with his paper: 'The Fourth Degree of the Grand Lodge of the Antients'.


1996/7 A. Geoffrey Markham (1927-2001)

Brother Geoffrey Markham lived almost entirely in Yorkshire; solicitor, a partner for 33 years, senior partner for 22 and, for the last six, a consultant; married, with a son and daughter, both of whom (to his surprise) have eventually followed him into the Law; fairly recently, a grandfather; an accumulator of books; a local historian of very modest output; enjoys music; an occasional gardener; a conservationist for 27 years and a Freemason for 32.

(text from the summons of November 1996)


1969/70 Terence Osborne Haunch MA (1918-2015)

Bro Haunch will remembered for his great kindness, generosity, deep knowledge and attention to fine detail. Read any significant Masonic book of reference and you will find numerous references to his encyclopædic knowledge and generous assistance, which he gave freely to authors of those books or collections of papers published in them. The depth of that knowledge is further evidenced by his own publications and research papers over many years.

Born in 1918; studied economics under Douglas Knoop and G P Jones at Sheffield University; saw Artillery service in France and commissioned to serve across the North African and Middle Eastern fields of conflict; returned to architectural studies. Curator and Librarian of the United Grand Lodge of England from 1973 to 1983. Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge in 1969, delivering several significant papers including on English Craft Certificates, Craft Tracing Boards, the Royal Arch and many other subjects.

Bro Haunch was appointed Prestonian Lecturer for 1972 with his paper: 'It is not in the power of any man - a study in change'.

(Bro Hugh S O’Neill)